This week´s question

This week we are in Beire, learning english in the english camp. On Wednesday we are going to Olite, to visit the famous castle. This morning we asked the teacher, "when was the castle built?" and she didn´t know the answer. So, could you tell us when was the castle built? And, what is the age that it belongs to? Thank you.

2 iruzkin:

  1. Hello, we investigated the information of the Olite Castle. They started building in XIII-XIV century. This is our answer.
    Nahia and Nora. BYE!!!

  2. The Castle of Olite or The Palace of the Kings of Navarre of Olite started constructing in the XIII century.
    Last year we had a really good time there, we made a lot of new friends from different schools.
    The egg drop activity is very fun and the disco night, too!!!
    Enjoy and have fun!!!


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